Team MPG

Team MPG consists of computer programmers who once worked on the MUSIC/SP system at McGill University in Montreal, Canada.

MUSIC/SP was one of the first IBM mainframe software systems that allowed connection of remote users to do email, word processing, write programs, and applications. They could view and search public information much the same way that we now use WEB browsers to connect and view information located at remote web sites. The big difference was in the early days (1967), remote users typically only had access to a typewriter-like device that could only type up to speeds in the 10 to 15 characters per second.

Team MPG took the software and added an incredible amount of function and flexibility to the system to take a leading role in providing affordable connectivity to the masses of users who wanted access to information, email, word processing, and computing from their office, home, and research lab.

In the 1990's some sites were using networks of PCs to accomplish many of the tasks they used to do on IBM mainframe computers. By 2000, most sites stopped running mainframe based systems like MUSIC/SP. So McGill University disbanded the dedicated MUSIC/SP group.

Today many of the team that built MUSIC/SP and its associated products are still active in the computer and information technology fields and still providing services to the masses using the latest technologies. This web site provides a link to some of their recent contributions.

Team MPG Web Sites

  • Roy Miller
  • Dave Edwards Includes details on how to download and run a MUSIC/SP demo system under Windows. Also includes details of a ESA/390 mainframe emulator.

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