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Welcome to the Internet's #1 alarm system part web site. We offer many different alarm system parts for both business and personal uses. Parts include magnetic door & window sensors, motion detectors, remote controls, video cameras, personal medical alarms, console and diallers, sirens and horns and much more. You can quickly use the links on the left to see our selection of alarm system parts that you are looking for. All parts all fully wireless and simple to install in a matter of minutes. Plus we also have many great alarm system packages that include all the parts you need to setup an alarm system while saving you more money than if you bought the parts separately. And for a limited time shipping is free for customers in the United States on all orders of over $49.00.

Make sure your house and your loved ones are safe. Build or buy your own wireless burglar alarm system with our parts today and enjoy peace of mind at a low cost!

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Protector Plus Security System Additional Information

Protector Plus Security System

Protector Plus Voice Dialer security system sounds a screaming siren, flashes lights and automatically phones 4 pre-set numbers to provide your home & family with maximum protection. It's wireless and it's cool. It's also extremely easy to install with no new wiring of your home & no security technician is needed. It allows for complete security with 16-zone coverage of your house through the wireless motion, door & window sensors. The dialer will call 4 phone numbers be it your own cell or work phone, your family, neighbors or friends. It then plays a security alert message (that you've recorded). If the first number doesn't answer, it phones the next, and so on. It's not fooled by answering machines. Once someone is reached, they can listen in to your house directly through the Protector Plus Voice Dialer.

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