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CanPub Information Technologies Inc.
Web Application Development
We develop, host, and support web-based applications accessible world wide via any of the common web browsers such as Microsoft's IE, Mozilla's Firefox, and Google Chrome.
Web-based applications feature many benefits over traditional programs including:
  • Users can access the application with a web browser from anywhere in the world using an Internet connected PC, Apple, UNIX computer. This includes access from web kiosks in libraries, hotels, airports, and bus stations.
  • Many cell phones, most smart phones and tablet devices can access web applications and these applications can be tailored to detect and handle their smaller screens.
  • Offers a low total cost of ownership (TCO) since client software doesn't need to be updated when the web application is updated.
  • Having banner ads shown can reduce the cost of the application
  • The application's web-based interface can be easily customized. For example, a groupware scheduling application can feature the company's logo and have links to upcoming corporate events.

Our staff has an in-depth knowledge of web applications that allows us to quickly create and deploy them on a limited budget. Examples of such applications include form validation, conference/course registration, group workflow, and email messaging. Our original flagship product, CanPub IceSuite™, was developed in 1996 in response to the needs of many clients who wanted a robust and cost-effective web based application environment that includes web page building, email, file storage, and contact name and address management functions complete with Palm Handheld and Microsoft Outlook support.

We also support web applications developed elsewhere such as the popular OSCAR Electronic Medical Record (EMR) doctor and clinic support system.

Please contact us for more information.

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