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What is MUSIC/SP?

musdemo_b.zip - MUSIC/SP 6.2 Demo system, version "B" (11.2 MB).
File info: 25jun2006, 11796266 bytes.
MD5 digest: D46BE2ED 8C76A147 D8179316 09166319
SHA1 digest: BA8FC32B 7797CDEF 0B48D5A0 0186A4B4 892315DB

manuals_mus51.zip - MUSIC/SP 5.1 manuals (PDF format) (4.1 MB).
File info: 09oct2006, 4302551 bytes.
MD5 digest: EDACFBA2 076FE7C7 BC076734 197D2A7B
SHA1 digest: FEEAD90C FABD7841 29F710B1 B397C009 01716944

Updates for the MUSIC/SP 6.2 Demo system.

mus61_updates_summary.txt - Summary of past updates to the 6.1 Demo system.

Miscellaneous downloads