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DocMedShare Medical Solutions division of CanPub

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CanPub Information Technologies Inc.
Welcome to CanPub
CanPub Information Technologies™ Inc. develops, markets, supports, and hosts applications that enable the sharing and communication of information. In fact, the CanPub™ name is derived from the verb can meaning "enabling" and the word publishing meaning "the act of communicating information".

This enabling of communication ranges from one-to-one person communication such as email to one-to-many communication as in web site and e-book publishing. It also includes communication technologies such as Wi-Fi wireless, local area networks, and secure SSL (https) links.

We advise organizations (medical offices, small businesses, coffee shops, government departments, etc.) on how best to incorporate technology into their operation. This may be a one-time involvement or we can act as your company's technology department so that you can concentrate on your core expertise and leave the technology issues to us.

We help medical establishments buy, install, and support the appropriate hardware and software solution. For example, the DocMedShare Medical Solutions™ division of CanPub supports software and hardware solutions for medical clinics and medical specialists. See for more information.

One area of specialty includes electronic publishing and reading applications and their devices. Whether it is self-publishing, web publishing, distribution of product catalogs, or reference material on slim e-books, we can work out an attractively priced and flexible solution for you.

Does your web site appear prominently on Google? If not, our professionals can improve your ranking. This is not done by submission of your web site to thousands of search engines but by careful inspection and modification of your existing web pages. We can also show you how to get customer email messages without the usual spam that occurs when you put your email address on a web page.

We invite you to browse our web site to learn about the services we offer. Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information on how we can help you take advantage of our offerings.

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