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CanPub Information Technologies Inc.
Our Clients
We have helped many small, medium and large-sized firms in creating and hosting web sites, custom web-based applications, networking support, consulting and more. Some of those clients include:
  • Canadian Federal and Quebec Tax Notes Choosing how to do your Canadian Income Tax [Hosting, Web Design]
  • LindasPhotoJournal.com Photo blog with comments [Consulting]
  • LindaReads.com Blog of avid reader [Consulting]
  • Roy Miller's Favourite Quotations Personal Web Pages [Web Design, Web Hosting, Consulting]
  • Team MPG: MUSIC/SP, IBM S/390 mainframe simulator and other downloads [Hosting, Forms-based email]
  • National University of Laos [Hosting, Web Design]
  • McGill University Financial Imaging System [Web App Development]
  • Government of Canada/ Industry Canada/ SchoolNet [CD-ROM Application, Custom Software]
  • Canadian Association of Radiologists Journal [Web Application Hosting]
  • Dale and Associates [IceSuite Client]
  • Michael Cohen and Associates [IceSuite Client]
  • Dr. Paul Greenacre DDS and Associates [Web Hosting]
  • The Québécois Élite: Patriots or Scoundrels? Book [Publisher, Hosting]

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