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CanPub Information Technologies Inc.
Web Application Development
We develop, host, and support web-based applications accessible world wide via any of the common web browsers such as Microsoft's Edge, and Google Chrome.
Web-based applications feature many benefits over traditional programs including:
  • Users can access the application with a web browser from anywhere in the world using an Internet connected PC, Apple, UNIX computers. This includes access from web kiosks in libraries, hotels, airports, and bus stations.
  • Many cell phones, most smart phones and tablet devices can access web applications and these applications can be tailored to detect and handle their smaller screens.
  • Offers a low total cost of ownership (TCO) since client software doesn't need to be updated when the web application is updated.
  • The application's web-based interface can be easily customized. For example, a groupware scheduling application can feature the company's logo and have links to upcoming corporate events.

Our staff has an in-depth knowledge of web applications that allows us to quickly create and deploy them on a limited budget. Examples of such applications include form validation, conference/course registration, group workflow, and email messaging.

Please contact us for more information.

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