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Sim390 version 1.7 for Windows (except Win 95), as .zip file (122 KB).
To install it, see the instructions in the readme file in the .zip file. For usage details, see the HTML help file.
File info: 25feb2008, 124696 bytes (.zip), 212992 bytes (.exe).
MD5 digest of .zip: 730AA67A BD855021 375E3884 0600A0FF
SHA1 digest of .zip: AFA1719A 25378DAA FDDDDF00 F779D43E A1D59E8D
MD5 digest of .exe: C839E59A 29016790 C25B60A9 C962902C
SHA1 digest of .exe: 1C84DB67 52032180 3C93BE97 012806EB 85104DBA

Sim390 version 1.6 executable for Windows 95 only, as .zip file (102 KB).
To install it, just copy file sim390_16_w95.exe to a directory in your execution search PATH, renaming it to sim390.exe. If you need a more recent version for Win 95, contact the author.
File info: 28sep2006, 103426 bytes (.zip), 208896 bytes (.exe).
MD5 digest of .zip: 392687ED 14A323EA 807BC362 6A0D2991
SHA1 digest of .zip: 3A49065B 74CEB7BD 0A6B3C87 CAA49E99 1C6367D5
MD5 digest of .exe: B4DC9396 A778297B F7521F94 F44385CB
SHA1 digest of .exe: FD45FFF6 08DB037F 9CD281ED 53842FB5 1C3870B9

MUSIC/SP Demo system, manuals, and updates:
Go to and click on the Downloads link.
You can also get the Demo system (file from the Yahoo discussion group musicspdemo - join the group (it's free, all you need is a Yahoo id) and go to the Files section. (215 KB) - Various Windows command-line programs that are useful for Sim390 and MUSIC/SP. Includes md5pw, md5file, sha1file, encpw, httpput, wipezero, and others.
File info: 09oct2006, 219266 bytes.
MD5 digest: 284EE4A4 12863EB9 266FAFFD 669A443F
SHA1 digest: E6BEB067 39FF87D8 A04C20A4 30204A5F B81AAC8A (35 KB) - Various Linux programs that are useful for Sim390 and MUSIC/SP. Includes some source.
File info: 09oct2006, 35099 bytes.
MD5 digest: 53A19EC1 B05A041D BEEC57D0 0F2799A1
SHA1 digest: 30006DDD 3FE526C8 29AF1647 2D6CD52F 240E2D23 (72 KB) - qws3270 tn3270 (Telnet 3270 client) terminal emulator, version 3.2f of June/1995, by Jim Rymerson, Queen's University, Kingston, Ont.
File info: 31oct2004, 73632 bytes.
MD5 digest: D1C2BC2C 35B647AB 101F41BA CFA31131
SHA1 digest: B26A923A C0C965FC 36846B38 B6E3D144 7745B03F