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News and History

Feb 26, 2008 - Sim390 version 1.7
Version 1.7 of Sim390 is now available for download. It has improvements to the user interface, a new HTML help file, support for changing the font in local 3270 sessions, better and more complete emulation of floating-point instructions, and a minor bug fix for the IPM instruction.

Jan 31, 2008 - Recent updates for MUSIC/SP
The following updates to the MUSIC/SP 6.2 Demo system are available: - GCCMVS C compiler (replaces - Various nucleus updates and other additions. Includes support for high-memory areas and 31-bit address mode.

Aug 24, 2007 - Update for MUSIC/SP, including Fortran G fixes
Update is available for download. It fixes some problems in the Fortran G interface, updates the MUSIC/SP nucleus (mainly to support file creation time-of-day in addition to creation date), and adds several commands, utility programs, and Help and documentation files. Please note that previous updates upd1, upd2, and fortg are prerequisites for upd3.

Jul 16, 2007 - Updates for the MUSIC/SP Demo system
Recent updates available for download: - Mods to HTTPD, WEB, FTPD, MFCHEK. - Stanford Pascal compiler. - GCCMVS C compiler for MUSIC/SP, version 1.0. - Fortran G compiler and library; delink utilities.

Dec 19, 2006 - Recent updates for the MUSIC/SP Demo system
Recent updates include: (Univ. of Waterloo's Cobol compiler), (updates and additions to Demo system components, including ftpd), (Penn State Univ.'s S/360 assembler and execution environment, contributed by Mike Short). Follow the link on the download page.

Sep 28, 2006 - Sim390 version 1.6
Version 1.6 of the Sim390 emulator is available. Get it from the download page. This version has support for tn5250 telnet clients. Sim390 acts as a tn5250 server, which allows a tn5250 client to log in to the MUSIC/SP system. Sim390 translates between 5250 and 3270 terminal data streams, so that MUSIC/SP thinks it is talking to a 3270, while the tn5250 client thinks it is talking to a 5250 server such as an IBM AS/400 or iSeries midrange computer. This is useful for testing tn5250 clients. Sim390 has been tested successfully with several tn5250 clients. Not all features of 5250 terminals are supported. For more info on 5250, see info5250.txt on the Tech Info page.

Sep 20, 2006 - New add-on packages for the MUSIC/SP Demo system
Two 360-era add-on packages, contributed by Mike Short, are now available for the Demo system. File has a program that converts Fortran source to PL/1 (F). has SSP (Scientific Subroutine Package), single-precision version with PL/1 (F) source. See the download page.

Jun 30, 2006 - MUSIC/SP Demo system, version 6.2
The Demo system has been repackaged as version 6.2. You can download it as file - see the download page. It has all the 6.1 updates already applied, and its Save Library and Load Library have been expanded.
Note: The previous updates for version 6.1 must NOT be applied to the new 6.2 Demo system.

Jun 16, 2006 - Demo system update misc11.arc
Update misc11.arc is now available for the MUSIC/SP 6.1 Demo system. Highlights include the ability to use VSAM files from programs written in PL1/F, and tcp/ip socket programming from Rexx.
Note: This and the other updates for version 6.1 must NOT be applied to the new 6.2 Demo system (, since they are already part of the 6.2 system.

Apr 7, 2006 - Demo system update misc10.arc
Update misc10.arc is now available for the MUSIC/SP 6.1 Demo system. Highlights include the ability to use VSAM files from within Rexx programs, and a CGI program that supports HTML form-based file upload (RFC 1867). See the readme.txt file there for details. VSAM (Virtual Storage Access Method) is a mainframe data storage method that can access records by a key field which is stored in an index; it is very efficient for direct access to a large number of records.

Feb 9, 2006 - MUSIC/SP update available: misc9.arc
This update to the MUSIC/SP 6.1 Demo system provides improvements to the web server HTTPD, including limited support for a variation of Digest authentication for web documents and CGI's, and several other new programs and files. Also, several new files have been added to the Tech Info page. There is a new PC program httpput.exe which uploads a file to a web server using an HTTP PUT request.

Dec 3, 2005 - Some Linux programs added
Some small Unix/Linux utility programs are available for download. These include a Linux version of the wipezero command, which can be used to enlarge a Sim390 or Hercules FBA volume file. Some C source is provided.

Nov 30, 2005 - Additions to Tech Info page; update names files
Some files have been added or updated on the Tech Info page, including documentation on MUSIC/SP's TCP/IP sockets API (corrected and expanded, now including Waterloo C sockets), and MUSIC/SP VSAM (Virtual Storage Access Method). Each of the xxxx.arc update files now has a corresponding xxxx_nams.txt file containing the names of the files in the update. The idea is that you can download all the names files to MUSIC, then run the findtext (ft) utility to search the names files for occurrences of a particular file name.

Nov 26, 2005 - MUSIC/SP update available: misc8.arc
This update to the MUSIC/SP 6.1 Demo system includes the TCP/IP sockets API for Waterloo C and the files for MUSIC/SP VSAM.

Oct 16, 2005 - New files added to Tech Info page
Some new files have been added to the Tech Info page: sample Hercules config file; transferring files to Hercules MUSIC/SP; Waterloo C info; printing.

Oct 12, 2005 - MUSIC/SP update available: watc.arc
This update to the MUSIC/SP 6.1 Demo system includes the Waterloo C compiler and library, and a new utlity HELP2HTML for converting a MUSIC/SP help text file to HTML. misc7.arc is a prerequisite. After installing this update, please read and respect the Conditions of Use regarding Waterloo C, in item 2 of the help text displayed by the command "/help watc". Some documentation files about Waterloo C have been added to the Tech Info page.

Oct 5, 2005 - MUSIC/SP update available: misc7.arc
This update to the MUSIC/SP 6.1 Demo system includes some changes in preparation for Waterloo C, some print utilities, and some other miscellaneous updates.

Apr 8, 2005 - MUSIC/SP update available: misc6.arc
This update to the MUSIC/SP 6.1 Demo system includes improvements to the web and FTP servers, and various other changes.
Note: Starting with this update, archive files are executable (self-extracting). The recommended way to apply the update is to execute the .arc file by typing its name in the *Go command area of userid $000 (press F3 to exit from the Admin menu first).

Mar 12, 2005 - MUSIC/SP 5.1 manuals in PDF format
Complete version 5.1 manuals (1996) are now available in Adobe PDF format. See the link on the Tech Info page.

Mar 5, 2005 - Updates/additions to the Tech Info page
New file addspace.txt shows how to add more disk space to a MUSIC/SP system, including enlarging a disk volume and adding a data set to the Save Library. Documentation file config.txt has been updated and expanded, including a discussion of sharing disk volumes between systems.

Mar 2, 2005 - MUSIC/SP updates in UDS format (updated)
The UDS volume files have been updated, to correspond to the latest .arc files. This is of interest to people running MUSIC/SP under Hercules.

Feb 28, 2005 - MUSIC/SP updates available: PL/1 (F), MUSIC/SP Basic
Archive file pl1fbas.arc contains the PL/1 (F) compiler. File musbasic.arc contains the MUSIC/SP Basic compiler.

Feb 27, 2005 - Sim390 version 1.5
Version 1.5 of Sim390 is now available. Download binary file sim390_15.exe, replacing your current sim390.exe. (If you are running under Windows 95, download sim390_15_w95.exe instead.)
Summary of changes:
- Supports the Divide Decimal (DP) instruction, used by the PL/1 (F) compiler.
- Config file changes: LIST ON/OFF statement. Options NOSHARE and WRITESHARE on the disk IODEVICE statement, to give more flexibility when sharing disk volumes. Lines beginning with # and ; (in addition to *) are comments. Messages for some errors and warning conditions.
- Socket write problem fixed. See bug item of Feb 18, 2005.
- More trace messages for socket i/o.
- Uses C Multi-Thread Library at link time.

Feb 18, 2005 - MUSIC/SP update available: misc5.arc
A new set of file updates, in misc5.arc, is available for the MUSIC/SP demo system.
Note: This update includes replacements for some Load Library members and some userid additions, therefore you must execute 2 files and re-IPL MUSIC, after restoring the files from misc5.arc. See details in the readme file. Make sure you use option REPL=T when restoring.
Summary of changes:
- Updates to the FTP and FTPD programs, to fix some problems and to improve performance. Considerably faster file transfer in many cases.
- Update some system components in preparation for the PL/1 (F) compiler, which is coming soon.
- Various files for the MUSIC/SP Mail Facility.
- Some Assembler macros (in userid $MCU).
- More documentation files for MUSIC/SP's interface to TCP/IP, in particular $tcp:sockets.doc.

Feb 18, 2005 - Files added to Tech Info page
Two files, sockets_doc.txt and sockets_info.txt, have been added to the Tech Info page.

Feb 18, 2005 - Items added to Bugs page
Some items have been added to the Bugs page.

Dec 4, 2004 - Tech info page: HTML forms processing
New file mus_htmlforms.htm on the Technical info web page describes how to process HTML forms using MUSIC/SP's web server and Rexx.

Nov 27, 2004 - New files available, including misc4.arc
Several new files have been added, including conf.arc and misc4.arc, which contain additional MUSIC/SP files which can be added to the demo system. conf.arc contains the Conferencing facility. misc4.arc contains various fixes and updates, including files needed for HTML forms support in the web server, and the CMDUI facility (a web-based command interface to MUSIC/SP). New PC utilities include appendto.exe, copyblks.exe, md5pw.exe, mycomp.exe, (a free tn3270 client from Queens University); see file md5check.txt for short descriptions. New file hercnote.txt on the Technical info web page describes how to run MUSIC/SP under Hercules on a Windows machine.

Aug 30, 2004 - New version 1.4 of Sim390 emulator
Version 1.4 of Sim390 is now available as download file sim390_14.exe, replacing your current sim390.exe. (If you are running under Windows 95, download sim390_14_w95.exe instead.) The new version fixes a problem with ESA/390 memory - incorrect DAT caching. This version also traces all SVC, PI, and Ext interrupts if ui.debug is set to 3 or higher, and supports a special instruction (opcode B2DC) for fast large-integer arithmetic - details to follow. You can also download a new version of md5file.exe (cosmetic changes only), and a new program sha1file.exe which calculates the 20-byte SHA1 digest of a file. File md5check.txt has been updated to show the SHA1 digests for recent files.

Aug 12, 2004 - Web site improved and expanded
The Sim390 web site has a new look, with more content. Some sample screen shots have been added.

July 19, 2004 - New version 1.3 of Sim390 emulator
Version 1.3 of Sim390 is now available as download file sim390_13.exe, replacing your current sim390.exe. (If you are running under Windows 95, download sim390_13_w95.exe instead.) The new version has menu items for choosing the 3270 screen size when you add a local session, added menu items for displaying various internal tables (for example, these show tcp/ip socket connections), a revised control window that uses a fixed-pitch font for some numeric items, an updated "About" window, and some other minor changes.

May 20, 2004 - New archive file misc3.arc, including an updated FTP server (FTPD)
File misc3.arc contains more MUSIC files that can be added to the demo system. They include an update to MUSIC's FTP server (FTPD) and some FTP info files. The main change is support for Passive Mode (the PASV command). Restore with REPL=T,SETUI=T options.

Feb 23, 2004 - New archive file misc2.arc, including TN3270 client
File misc2.arc contains more MUSIC files that can be added to the demo system. They include MUSIC's Telnet/TN3270 client and a few other network and system utilities. See the readme.txt file there. Restore with REPL=T,SETUI=T options.
NOTE: The Telnet client program, when run in a local 3270 session window under Sim390 MUSIC, provides a workable TN3270 client for connecting to any remote 3270 mainframe system from Windows. It can be used as an alternative to QWS3270 etc.

Feb 16, 2004 - MUSIC Web server bug fixes. New wipezero.exe
File fix_http1.arc contains files that fix some Web server (HTTPD) problems in the 1-vol demo system. Restore the files from the .arc, with REPL=T,SETUI=T. See the readme file there. A new version of wipezero.exe is available for download. It supports long file names and larger files, is faster, and allows the byte displacement for zeroing to be specified. This makes it useful for enlarging a .vol file, without destroying the existing data - specify the byte displacement as e (end of file).

Feb 2, 2004 - Sim390 1.2; revised demo MUSIC system and files
A new .zip file is available,, which contains a new version (1.2) of Sim390, as well as an updated version ("A") of the 1-vol demo MUSIC system. Sim390 1.2 fixes some TN3270 problems, allowing more types of clients (such as QWS3270) to connect, and has some other minor changes. The new demo volume is larger (92 MB instead of 62.5 MB), the Save Library has been expanded by adding a UL03 data set (24MB), a help file for the CONSOLE program has been added, and some file cleanup has been done. The extra free space in the Save Library means you can add MUSIC 6.1 archive files without having to expand the base system. Also, the MUSIC 6.1 archive files have been repackaged, and files for the ADMIN Facility, FSI, and a few other programs are now available. See the readme file there. It is recommended that you download and restore the new .arc files (help.arc, man.arc, admin.arc, misc1.arc), even if you previously applied the old mus61$*.arc files.

NOTE: When restoring the new archives, you must use the option REPL=T in the MFREST job.

Jan 22, 2004 - New directories in the download area
MUG (MUSIC Users Group) archives have been moved to subdirectory mugfiles. Some info on IUCV emulation in Sim390 is in subdirectory iucv. Subdirectory udsvols has Zips of Sim390 FBA volume files, which contain UDS data sets with some MUSIC archive data - they can be used instead of the .arc files if your MUSIC does not have TCP/IP access - see the readme file there.

Jan 17, 2004 - File md5check.txt added - MD5 digests of files
The file md5check.txt contains the MD5 digests and other info for some distribution files in the sim390 directory. After downloading a file, use the Win md5file.exe program (or equivalent) to check its MD5 digest against the values here. This ensures that you got an authentic uncorrupted copy of the file. See the download page.

Jan 16, 2004 - Full MUSIC 6.1 $HLP and $MAN files
MUSIC archive files (.arc) containing the full files for userids $HLP (help text files) and $MAN (on-line manuals) for MUSIC 6.1 are available for download. [More such archives may be coming in the future.]

Jan 14, 2004 - Discussion groups
There are some discussion groups that you may find useful for Sim390 and MUSIC/SP. is an open group for the Hercules mainframe emulator. It has been reported that MUSIC/SP can run under Hercules. is a membership-by-request group for issues relating to running MUSIC/SP under Hercules (and it probably also accepts items about MUSIC/SP in general).

Click here to subscribe to H390-music

Jan 12, 2004 - Version 1.1
Sim390 1.1 is available as files sim390.exe and sim390_wsock1.exe. Use these files in place of the corresponding files in The file dates are 2004-01-12. This version fixes the TN3270 IP address filter problem, and supports customizable TN3270 filtering via statements in the Sim390 config file.

Jan 4, 2004 - Original version
The original version (unnumbered) of Sim390 was made available on Jan 4, 2004, along with a 1-volume IPL-able MUSIC system. The file dates for sim390.exe and sim390_winsock1.exe were 2003-08-27. The file date for musicxd.vol was 2004-01-04. The file containing the files had date 2004-01-04.