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This page last updated Feb 26, 2008

musdemo.txt updated.gif Feb 26, 2008
This is the readme file that is part of the distribution file, except some links and references have been updated. It contains installation instructions, usage notes, etc., for the MUSIC/SP 1-volume Demo system.

sim390_help.htm new.gif Feb 26, 2008
This is the HTML help file from Sim390 1.7. It contains documentation on how to install and use Sim390, including a description of the statements that can be used in Sim390 configuration files.

Manuals in PDF format
Complete manuals from 1996, in PDF format, for MUSIC/SP 5.1 are available for download, as a .zip file. See the download page. Most of the info in these manuals still applies to MUSIC/SP 6.1. Some of the manuals are quite large, and have been split into multiple parts. Hint: The Table of Contents is usually at the end of each manual.

This file shows you how to add more disk space to a MUSIC/SP system, including enlarging an FBA volume and adding a Save Library data set.

These files contain some details on Sim390 and MUSIC/SP's use of VM's IUCV (Inter-User Communications Vehicle) protocol. Sim390 emulates a subset of IUCV. MUSIC/SP uses IUCV for TCP/IP socket operations - Sim390 receives a socket call request from MUSIC/SP via IUCV, executes the socket operation natively on Windows, and passes the result back to MUSIC/SP via IUCV. File sockets_doc.txt describes the socket routines that can be called from MUSIC/SP programs written in Fortran, Assembler, C, Rexx, and other languages.

This file shows how to use MUSIC as a 3270 telnet client (tn3270), to connect to a remote mainframe system (VM, TSO, MUSIC, etc.) as an emulated 3270 terminal. This is an alternative to QWS3270 etc.

This file contains detailed notes on installing Hercules and Cygwin on Windows, and installing and running MUSIC/SP under Hercules in that environment. The Hercules emulator (which can also run on Linux) is an alternative to Sim390. The file also has some historical info about MUSIC/SP.
herc_config.txt - sample config file for Hercules MUSIC/SP

Transferring files to MUSIC/SP on Hercules:
vol2file_info.txt - transferring a binary archive file
text_to_herc.txt - transferring a text file

This is a brief introduction to processing HTML forms in MUSIC/SP's web server, using Rexx as the server-side scripting language.

Waterloo C on MUSIC/SP:

Notes on printing from MUSIC/SP:

VSAM (Virtual Storage Access Method) on MUSIC/SP:
vsam_help.htm - general info
vsam_samp.htm - how to run the sample program

webaccess.htm - Documentation on controlling access to pages in MUSIC/SP's web server (httpd)
webauth.htm - A variation on Digest authentication for MUSIC/SP's web server

ftphelp.txt - Info on using ftp (File Transfer Protocol) and ftpd with MUSIC/SP

watfiv_setup.txt - Setting up the Watfiv Fortran compiler on the MUSIC/SP Demo system
help_watfiv.htm - Documentation on Watfiv under MUSIC/SP

rexx_musio.txt - Some features of the Rexx MUSIO command not in the manuals. MUSIO is used to read and write MUSIC files from Rexx programs.

info5250.txt - Info about the IBM 5250 terminal, which is often used for connecting to an IBM AS/400 or iSeries midrange computer. The 5250 terminal is similar in many ways to a 3270, but there are significant differences in the details of the data streams. Sim390 version 1.6 and higher can act as a tn5250 server, which is useful for testing tn5250 client programs (telnet).